FlexiCapTM polymer termination has been developed by Syfer as a result of listening to customers' experiences of stress damage to MLCC's from many manufacturers, often caused by variations in production processes or flexing of the PCB. Syfer's answer is a proprietary flexible epoxy polymer termination material that is applied to the capacitor under the usual nickel barrier finish. FlexiCapTM will accomodate a greater degree of board bending that conventional ceramic capacitors. FlexiCapTM may be soldered using your traditional wave or reflow solder techniques and needs no adjustment to equipment or current processes.

FlexiCapTM is a lead-free termination. For a complete datasheet, click here.

NIC Components Corporation's new NPI and NPIS Series of Surface Mount Power Inductors offer design engineers a broad range of choices for their power inductor requirements. With a wide selection of inductance values, current ratings and sizes the NPI series of power inductors are ideally suited for use in DC-DC converters, DC-AC converters and other power supply applications. Both shielded and non-shielded versions are available including miniature and low-profile sizes for use in notebook computers and PDAs. For complete information, click here.

Provides wide range of inductance value, current rating and low DC resistance (DCR) for wide range of power management and voltage conversion applications:

  • Power supplies, DC-DC converters
  • Voltage regulator modules (VRMs)
  • Point of Load (POL) voltage regulation
  • Laptop, hand-held and other portable devices

Types of equipment potentially using SMT inductors include: automotive, barcode scanners, DC-DC converters, industrial controls, low noise power supplies, low pass elliptic filters, medical electronics, monitors, motor control systems, power sources, power supplies, power switchers, SMPS, switching DC-DC converters, video compression and wireless systems and equipment.

Contact your LXI sales representative to discuss your power magnetics needs and NIC's new line of solutions!

Jianghai Capacitor Co., LTD and LXI Components form franchised agreement.

Jianghai Capacitor Co. is a leading manufacture of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors which include Snap-in, Screw Terminal, Miniature Aluminum and Conductive Polymer.